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                          Sonic toothbrush FL-A12


                          Power Supply: AC100-240V

                          Output:5V 60mA
                          Li-ion battery:700mAh
                          40,000VPM powerful dynamic cleaning action
                          Noise: no more than75 dB(A)
                          recycle charging:>500times
                          Work time after full charged:90+ minutes。
                          Packing info:
                          Product size:100*100*270mm
                          Packing box size:147*106*196mm
                          Carton size:56.5*31.5*21.5cm (10pcs/box)
                          N.W.: 5.2KGS,
                          G.W.: 6KGS


                          Product size: 100 * 100 * 270 mm

                          Product weight: n. w

                          Color box dimensions: 147 * 106 *

                          Each set weight: 591 g / set

                          Carton dimension: 56.5 * 31.5 * 21.5 * 21.5 cm ( 10 PCs / box )

                          N. w.: 5

                          G.: 6



                          This product specification defines the use characteristics and specifications of the fl acoustic uv-sanitizing.

                          Ii. product characteristics

                          Fl - a12 is designed to protect dental and gum health and health and is designed for oral care products.

                          2.1 the advanced electronic control system makes the operation more simple and convenient.

                          2.2 strong sound waves can wipe the food debris thoroughly and can't brush ordinary toothbrush.

                          2.3 gently pulsating sound waves can gently massage the gum, making teeth healthier.

                          2.4 the five mode of work corresponds to five mode LEDs.

                          2.5 people Personalized design, use more comfortable.

                          The 2.6 with recognizable Decorative ring nozzles to achieve the function of a multi-purpose use.

                          2.7 rechargeable use, environmental protection.

                          Iii. product identification

                          Iv. product overview:

                          3.1 fl - a12 has switches and mode buttons two buttons. Switch key between the boot and shutdown. The mode key in 5th gear can also switch the vibration mode arbitrarily.

                          3.2 the switch is not triggered during work and will be shutdown automatically 2 minutes later.

                          3.3 fl - a12 use the matching AC power cord plug ( input: 100 vac, charge with battery in the wireless charger handle, chongbao time for approx. 20 h ( 20 1 h )

                          3.4 cover the tooth brush case cover, the UV light is on, and the UV lamp will go out automatically 5 minutes after sterilization and disinfection.

                          Ⅲ performance

                          Regular indicators:

                          1. seal test ( only for the part of the oral irrigator body shall meet the ipx7 standard, and meet any of the following shall be qualified ):

                          Immersion or bubble water test: the test prototype is placed in 1m deep in water, the test time is 30 minutes. There is no water stain.

                          2. the handle noise is less than 75 db ( loop mirror noise 49 db, handle from db test head 10 cm, and dashuihua test ).

                          3. wear resistance test:

                          3.1 the surface of the product shall be scratch with jiedao, and then the screen printing screen shall be torn up, and the screen printing screen printing shall not exceed 5 %.

                          3.2 industrial alcohol, after a cycle wipe, screen printing ink screen.

                          4. high voltage test ( only for the electric source part of the open switch ):

                          Gao Yayi output voltage of ac3000v, leakage current 5 ma, test time 3 seconds.

                          Second, life test:

                          1. the plug of the switching power supply plug: after the circular unplugging, the function is normal and the pulling force reaches the requirements.

                          2. switch life test: put the product on the life test rack of the button, after testing the specified number of switch buttons, the switch button should work.

                          Product appearance inspection requirements and packing:

                          1. each rubber parts can not have excessive flash, mixing color, Light stock and white hat, injection and other defects, and the nozzle shall be smooth.

                          2. finished product packaging does not allow for stains, damage, scratches, scratches, scratches, rupture, excessive flash, nozzle and whitening.

                          3. finished product packaging must be printed perfect, no damage, stain, fingerprint, etc., the standard of packing quantity.

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